Dance Classes

The Bedfordshire School of Dance and Drama offers a full programme of dance classes in Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, Tap and Street Jazz as well as special imaginative classes for the under 5s. We are happy to accommodate boys and girls in our classes.

All dance classes are under the direction of Ann Hallett. Ann has been an examiner from the Royal Academy of Dance for the last 30 years and has travelled the world and the UK conducting children's examination and teaching certificate examinations.

The school also has a full team of highly qualified assistants who work closely with Miss Hallett to provide dance tuition of the highest quality, at the same time providing a friendly atmosphere and encouraging the students to feel pride in their achievements.

All dance classes are held in our purpose built studio which is equipped with mirrors, ballet barres and a sprung non-slip floor. The right floor is essential for safe dance.

We offer a full programme of ballet classes for all levels on weekdays and also run a full programme of ballet classes for all levels on Saturdays. We are able to offer imaginative under 5 classes at weekdays and Saturdays also.

Imaginative Under 5 Classes
under fives dance class

Monday 3.15pm to 4.15pm
Tuesday 4.00pm to 4.45pm
Saturday 9.00am to 9.45am

These classes are designed to build a young child's confidence and social skills, at the same time teaching the basic steps of ballet and Modern dance. These classes are based on acting stories and are accompanied by a pianist and incorporate a little singing as well. There is an opportunity for all children to take the Presentation Class examination of the Royal Academy of Dance before progressing on to our older aged classes.

Ballet Classes 5 Years and Over
ballet class

(Weekdays and Saturdays)

We offer a full programme of RAD ballet classes from Primary to Grade 8 level. The syllabi of the RAD is covered in these lessons and most children are encouraged to progress through the exam system, but we also include non-syllabus work in these classes to further develop the child's understanding of ballet. Exams are not compulsory and a child may move up to the next level without taking an exam if they wish.

Vocational Classes

A full programme of vocational classes is offered for students who may be considering dance as a profession. We run classes weekdays and Saturday afternoons and offer RAD vocational exams in Ballet at all levels and ISTD vocational exams in Modern and Tap at all levels.

Modern, Tap and Jazz Classes
modern dance class

We offer modern and tap classes from 5 years on weekdays:

Monday 4.00pm (ages 5 and 6 approx)
Wednesday 4.00pm (ages 7 to 10 approx) We combine modern and tap together in these classes to give the young child a general understanding of modern and tap dance techniques.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
tap dance class

We offer a modern programme of modern and tap classes for older children in which we teach the ISTD syllabi and again encourage the pupils to progress through the examination system.

Street Jazz Classes

Mondays 7pm and 7.45pm (ages 11 upwards)

These are fun classes with no set syllabus or exam system. The students dance to pop records and learn the basics of Street Jazz.

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