Discover the wide range of ballet, modern, tap, and jazz classes available at our purpose built studio.

We welcome students of all ages and levels of ability. Graded and vocational examinations are available to all.


We offer drama and musical theatre classes that are perfect for developing a range of skills integral to the performing arts.

Each of these classes culminates in an end-of-term performance.


We organise a variety of stage performances at venues throughout the region.

We are one of only a few schools in the UK to perform specially choreographed, original children’s ballets.

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We have hand made face masks for sale. Three layers of cotton fabric. Very comfortable to wear and elastic straps are adjustable. Cost £3.50 each. Fits average adult or teenager.
Children's can be supplied as well.
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A guide to musicality for younger students ... See MoreSee Less

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It's Monday which means it's another introduction to musicals day. This week's musical is Waitress. I saw this last year when I was rehearsing in Miami and it has a very different mood to alot of other musicals which was super interesting. Below is the link to the soundtrack:

Please please please be listening to the soundtracks I link to you and watch as many musicals as you can, I can honestly say that everyone takes inspiration from everywhere so if you would like to take my classes I will be referencing lots of musicals, writers, etc.

Musical Information:
Music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles
Book by Jessie Nelson
Based on the 2007 film of the same name, that was written by Adrienne Shelley
Premiered in Massachusettes in 2015. Moved to broadway in 2016.
Premiered in the west end in 2019
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It's Monday today meaning that we have another introductions to musicals! This weeks is Thoughly Modern Millie. I have loved this musical for years and have had the DVD since I was tiny. This music alwasy makes me smile and with it being set in the 20's it does sound like a very fun time. Below is the link to the whole soundtrack.

Musical Information:
Music is by Jeanine Tesori
Lyrics are by Dick Scanlan
Book was written by Dick Scanlan and Richard Morris
Based on the 1967 film Thoughly Modern Millie
Premiered on Broadway in 2002
Preimered in the West End in 2003

Hope you enjoy
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I am back again with another introduction to musicals. This week I have decided to sing a song from the musical Jekyll and Hyde. I have listened to this soundtrack for years and love the dramatic solos. If anhone is looking for a solo or duet to sing, please listen to this it will help! Below is a link to the soundtrack.

Music by Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics by Frank Wildhorn, Leslie Bricusse and Steve Cuden
Book by Leslie Bricusse
Based on the 1886 novel 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' by Louis Stevenson
Premiered in 1990
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This is the first introduction to musicals I have done. This week I have sung for you a cut version of The Future Is Bright from Eugenius!. Below is a link to the whole musical you can watch on Facebook. And a link to the soundtrack on YouTube. Please watch it! When will you ever get the chance again to be able to watch enitre musicals for free over Facebook.

Musicals Information:
Music and Lyrics by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins
Premiered 2016 at the London Palladium
Off-west end production in 2018
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Hello everyone. Caitlin back at ya for Monday's sing along. I really hope you enjoyed last weeks video.

So this weeks theme is...Western (shows set in the wild west)! Because there are so many that you don't know exist so I thought I'd remind you of the ones you should know and then pop a new one in at the end.

This weeks soundtrack to listen to is Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I chose this one because I absolutley adore this musical (I know I say that about all of them, but I truely do). Apart from the questionable way they go about getting the attention of their loved ones, it is essentially a love story of seven couples and how they get together. The link to the film soundtrack is below. Enjoy!
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Caitlin here. I am doing the singalong this week but not today. I will post a video up in the next couple of days (tomorrow if I can). This is because this weeks singalong includes some of my friends who agreed to help me. Which means it's taking a little more time then doing them by myself takes. I really hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely Monday. ... See MoreSee Less

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We will be sending you all today a video of a fun dance for our younger pupils to enjoy. We also have a video story in dance for our younger pupils. Lucia's little sister joined our school in March and both feature in this film. Even if you are an older student do look at it. It is very sweet and charming.

We are hoping to run a few classes for older students within the next two weeks. Miss Hallett will be in touch with those eligible.

Keep smiling and dancing. 😔😀😃😄
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And I am back with another sing along for you today. This week's theme: Childrens musicals. If you are slightly older for the childrens parts in these shows, please don't turn your nose up at them. These musicals are so popular for a reason. They are accessible to everyone and the older parts are also fun to play.

This week's soundtrack to listen to is Bugsy Malone. This musical was written for children to play all the parts (in the soundtrack attached the singing voices are adults so they seem older) and if it was like an old ganster movie. But instead of guns they use pies (which makes for a very messy clean up after every show, but ever so fun).
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We have just emailed a short lesson and dance for younger pupils. Hope you enjoy dancing it.😃 ... See MoreSee Less

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